Thursday, July 31, 2008

Web Site Promotion Strategy to Sell your Product

The internet is a large and busy place, and if you do not have a proper web site promotion strategy to sell your product to those seeking it, then you are liable to fail. Promotion simply means to advertise, and there are many ways to do that online.

If you have an online business you have potentially the largest audience the world has known for any specific product. It doesn’t matter if your products are tangible goods such as DVD players or information on the health of our children. The internet provides a platform for the most ingenious means of advertising to the largest imaginable group of potential customers. So let’s look at the possibilities for your promotion strategy.

First, you can advertise directly on the internet. Just as offline advertisers use magazines and newspapers, you can use ezines and articles to advertise your product. You can either pay for advertising of your product on ezines, or you can provide a link to your website within articles that you allow others to publish on their website. This is done by submitting your articles for publication on article directories. Such directories allow you to provide a link to your website that anybody using your article as content on their site must retain.

Many ezines use article directories for content that is relevant to their main subject, or niche, since ezines tend to be targeted to groups of people with specific interests. Ezines are the online equivalent of offline magazines, and just as you can find magazines on just about every topic in a news shop, then you also find online ezines on the same topics. You can pay for adverts to be shown on these ezines, for which you generally pay a specific price per thousand impressions. In internet terms this means per thousand ezines sent out to specific email addresses.

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